First AffiliateDotCom Video Released

Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell have just released the first AffiliateDotCom video for everyone to watch.

Click Here To Watch The Video

This is the first in a series of 4 AffiliateDotCom videos that Mike and Chris will be releasing over the coming days.

In this video, they explain how a marketing “newbie” was able to build an affiliate marketing business that makes $50,000 a month using the techniques that will be outlined in the AffiliateDotCom course.

They explain various methods in the video, including:

- Side Door Selection

- Relationship ROI (R-ROI)

- Serial Cycle Income (SCI)

At over 30 minutes long, this is a very detailed instructional video that has already generated a lot of positive feedback and comments from viewers.

For anyone interested in affiliate marketing, or more information on AffiliateDotCom, simply use the link below to watch the first AffiliateDotCom video now:

Click Here To Watch The Video

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