Best Affiliate Article Marketing Directories – Only As Good As Your Article

When it comes to finding the  best article marketing directories, you’ll probably get 10 different opinions if you ask 10 different people. The fact of the matter is that there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of excellent online directories who will publish your articles for free. The more important thing to consider is how good are your articles?

No matter how good the article directory is, if your article stinks it won’t get read and you won’t get traffic. How many times have you been in a forum and someone is complaining how article marketing doesn’t work and they hate article directory X, because they’ve submitted articles but aren’t getting traffic, but when you read their posts they have nothing but poor grammar and misspellings?   I’ve seen that more times than I can remember, and I always wonder if that’s the level of ‘quality’ they put into their articles. If it is, I can understand why they’re not getting any traffic.

Face facts, no one is going to read your article or think of you as a professional if you can’t write an intelligent article. At least make sure there are no typo’s or misspelled words. That is a huge turnoff to anyone who may read your articles.

The only thing we have online is the impression people get from us. Since we don’t have any face to face contact it becomes even more important that the image we present is 100% professional. So if you’re articles aren’t getting traffic, maybe you should double check your spelling.

Another reason why so many people struggle with finding the  best article marketing methods is that they don’t target the right keywords.  Doing keyword research is mostly science, but there is a little art in there too. There are times when you can ignore the rules and you’ll find a winning keyword. For the most part, though, you want a keyword that has good monthly searches but not a lot of competition.  I”m constantly amazed by the new people who come into the market, ask for advice than completely ignore what you tell them (then they complain that article marketing is bogus!).

The truth is that if the keyword you want to target has 3 million searches a month it’s almost guaranteed that it’s way too competitive for you to rank high enough to get good results for.  Instead, focus on words that get fewer searches and have fewer competitors.  That way you’ll have a much, much better shot at ranking for those keywords.

Ignore this advice and you’ll waste a lot of time, and money if you outsource your writing, on ineffective articles.  Just follow my advice and stop thinking that you won’t make money by targeting keywords that get fewer searches. What you won’t do is get any traffic if your article winds up on page 34 of the search engine results.

To make money online get as many people to your website as possible. To do that use the  best article marketing practices and tips that I’ve just outlined for you.

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