AffiliateDotCom – Second AffiliateDotCom Video

Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell have just released the second video in their AffiliateDotCom prelaunch content series.

This second AffiliateDotCom video shows how Mike was able to set up a profitable campaign in just one day, that’s on track to do almost $5,000 a year.

Getting Traffic – AffiliateDotCom Style

Using Facebook advertising, Mike was able to get cheap traffic to a site where he was offering a free report for people who opted in to his list.  Once people were on his list, he then recommended them different products they may be interested in.

This is an extremely profitable affiliate marketing strategy and is one of the key components of the affiliatedotcom course.

Facebook advertising can be an extremely inexpensive way of generating targeted traffic, and Mike’s campaign showed he was able to get 9513 clicks for an average of only 11 cents each!

Compare this amount to the typical $1-$2 that other affiliate marketers are paying for on Google Adwords, and you can see why this is a better way to advertise.

AffiliateDotCom Pre-Launch … Story So Far…

This is only the second video in the AffiliateDotCom prelaunch and people are already eager to buy AffiliateDotCom when it launches on August 24th.

However, the next video is going to show how Chris Farrell was able to generate a list of 500 optins in just 3 days.  What’s more is that he builds his lists, and also the relationship with this list, that it gets a 93% open rate – which is almost unheard of for any affiliate marketer.

If you haven’t yet seen the AffiliateDotCom videos, make sure to first get my free affiliate marketing blueprint by filling in your name and email in the box to the right of this page.  You’ll get my special blueprint sent directly to your inbox and then I’ll also forward you immediately to the AffiliateDotCom site with free videos.

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